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Who: Everyoneeeeee!
When: OOC: 1/15 ; IC: 5/7
Where: ViViD's new level: Your Health and You (And Giant Monsters)
What: Intro log, welcome to Cerealia!
Rating/Warning: PG-13 for violence, etc! Please let the mods know if the rating needs to be changed or if the log needs to be locked!


The thing about Cerealia is, there really isn't any nature to be found here. Sure, you can go outside the walls of the city and explore the land beyond but who wants to risk a terrible, horrible death just to sniff the flowers? Not you, that's who! CERES understands that, CERES sympathizes, and sometimes CERES decides to take action when such problems arise. As part of the company's current "Healthier and Happier YOU" initiative, they've decided to let everyone get back in touch with nature a little.

Via ViViD.

Of course, this being CERES, the nature they've sent everyone to is more of a swamp. The place is disgusting, a real marvel of ViViD ingenuity and it smells like the dead. There's strange rustling among the leaves from creatures that may or may not want to eat you, and random pits that open up right under your feet with the goal of sending you straight into the marsh. It's not really that fun. There's no welcome sign either, no nothing except for swamplands as far as the eye can see.

Welcome to ViViD!

This is Mosley. One of our programmers forgot to include a welcome greeting for the level this time. How incompetent can you get? He's been fired now, it's fine. Instead, I will greet you today. Lucky you! You've been invited today to participate in CERES's "Healthier and Happier YOU" level where we've combined both physical exercise and relaxing meditation into the ultimate ViViD experience. Isn't that fun? You can... go camping and stuff. Or whatever. I don't... know...

Honestly, I don't even care. Have fun.



[ 6:00 ] Welcome to your new healthy living training ground! What does a swamp have to do with healthy living, you may ask? Absolutely nothing! To make up for it, CERES has outfitted all players with the proper equipment for their new healthy living lifestyle. They also may or may not have let you keep your shoes based on how benevolent the ViViD gods were being at the time. (Not very.)

Oh, and all newcomers will have something additional on their fancy new yoga shirt. It will be displayed loudly and proudly all over the front and back of it. And if you're one of the few not wearing a shirt, it will be on the back of your pants. As in, your butt. It will be on your butt.

What’s ViViD trying to say, anyway?

Regardless, it probably doesn’t matter as much as finding your way through the swamp. Some sort of dry land would be really nice right now, wouldn't it? You'll have to watch out for the mud that will suck you right down under the marsh, and the creatures with lots of teeth that will never surface from the mud but won't hesitate to snap up an unwary foot or two.

CERES is sure you'll be fine. Totally and completely fine.


[ 8:00 ] Eventually, if you try really, really hard, you’ll make it to a house. Actually, it’s more of a shack, really. If you clamber your way out of the mud and the gunk and the marsh into said shack, you will find it to be empty aside from a table. A table hosting a huge pile of... well, health drinks. See, there's totally a health theme in this level. CERES would never make a ViViD level that wasn't thematically appropriate. Never! Health drinks of all sorts and types and sizes can be found here and there’s even a sign too; it simply says:

Take one.

Well, that seems safe.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to leave said shack until you do take one. And drink it. The door will lock shut and cover itself in more swamp until you do. Yay. Depending on your luck, the drink may do the following to you:

➟ Cause your ViViD experience to glitch. This may involve phasing through walls, seeing everything in 8-bit, or hearing really annoying old video game music everywhere you go.

➟ Cause status effects. This can include suddenly moving incredibly slowly, being turned to stone for a period of time, suddenly being on fire, suddenly being poisoned, etc etc.

➟ Be healthier. Mmm, kale and hummus smoothie. Taste those veggies.
If you try to take more than one, that’s fine too, nobody will stop you, but you probably won’t get lucky more than once.


[ 9:00 ] And back you go, out into the swampy wilderness. Don’t give up! Keep going! Eventually, you’ll find the end of this level. Probably.

Eventually, though, you may stumble across something in the mud and the muck. It’s... a little doll?

In fact, it’s a little doll of one of your most important people (or, alternatively, of someone you absolutely hate). It might be someone in Cerealia currently, or someone who isn’t, but either way, the doll is there and it’s clearly them (covered in mud and all). Be careful, though. If you toss it aside, you’ll suddenly see that important person being tossed aside. If you cut the doll, you'll suddenly see that person bleeding. Even if they aren’t present in Cerealia, whatever happens to that doll, you'll see it happening to them. Is it a hallucination or are they actually there? That's a little more up in the air.

And if they are present in Cerealia, well... doing things to that doll might very well hurt them too -- for real, this time, though.

Be careful! Or don't. You do you, as CERES would say.


[ 12:00 ] And then, eventually you reach a quiet, swampy area. Not that the rest of the swamp isn't swampy, this area is just extra swampy.

There’s very little happening here in this swampy place; even the birds are no longer squawking. And for a long moment, everything will remain quiet and peaceful, a place of reprieve... until the swamp begins to bubble. Then suddenly, a new friend will burst out of the swamp, showering mud and gunk everywhere.

Without warning, that creature is going to try to grab for the nearest person (it might be you!) and let out a mighty roar when they have them. Then, they'll hold them up to... read the nutrition facts on their shirt? What?

Of course, it will try to gobble you or whoever else it grabs if it finds, say, the salt content to be acceptable (the monster is watching their carbs). If it's not, then they'll just fling you away and move onto the next snack. For those without a handy nutrition facts label on your shirt, well, it might just take a gamble and try to eat you anyway.

Great. A health-conscious monster. That's just what this level needed.


[ xx:xx ] Finally, you’re free of the game. Without warning, you’re dumped into Cerealia properly and you’re able to scrub the mud and gunk from your clothing (wait why did that come back with you and where are your normal clothes?). You're able to then make your way to your new place of residence (or old) and...

There is a tiny tree there waiting for you. Isn’t it cute? And if you take care of this tiny tree, it will eventually bear fruit! Tiny fruit. Itty bitty fruit.

Depending on which tiny tree you get, it will be one of the following: a tiny dildo tree, a tiny bacon tree, a tiny kazoo tree, a tiny carolina reaper tree, or a (dumb) tiny hats tree.

Everything will, naturally, be tiny. Enjoy your new healthy CERES gift!

[ Remember to apply proper warnings on threads with sensitive or inappropriate material and do let a mod know if your thread careens off into maiming or canoodling so we can lock the log. ]


Welcome to Cerealia's January intro log! For your convenience, we have compiled the characters' arrival experience here, and should you have any questions, feel free to ask them here! You can also check the FAQ for more general inquiries. Should this event log hit Captcha, there is an all-purpose overflow here. Thank you!

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Phase I - it comes in orange

[One second he's lucky, the next Naruto's face down in the swampy water. He sits up and spits out some of the nasty tasting liquid. Then he attempts to wipe the taste off his tongue with his left sleeve.]

Tell me you didn't just reverse summon me!

[Are the words that fall out of his mouth. Who he's talking to isn't all that obvious unless people know about his capability to summon the toads. Then Naruto proceeds to climb on top of the water and wrings out the clothes that aren't his but are still most definitely orange in color (as if he'd wear any other color). The label printed on the front and back of his shirt is new though. Well, honestly the clothes are too but the ones he had been wearing were already so tattered that he'd have to throw them away and get new ones.]

Oi! Who summoned me?!

[A rustle comes from the nearby foliage and out pops a toad, resting just at the surface of the murky water and Naruto squats down casually.]

Was it you?

[Okay, this kid must be crazy to be talking to the animals and squinting at it as if he expects it to answer.

All it does do in response is croak and Naruto points at it.]

Don't gimme that! If there's something you need, you gotta tell me. I was in the middle of something.

[Do you dare to interrupt?]

Phase III - why'd it have to be you?

[One good thing about having chakra is the capability to not have to trudge through the muck. He can walk on top of it and not have to feel the squishy mush at the bottom of the water ooze through his toes. Already Naruto has scouted from the top of a tree but there wasn't really anything of interest in any direction. Trees, more swamp and more of those shacks here and there.

Which is why he's wandering a little aimlessly. Conserving chakra as much as possible while also not exhausting himself physically.

With a sigh, he stops where he is and ruffles the back of his hair. That's when he spots it - some weird lumpy shape trapped in a pile of sludge and Naruto moves to pick it up. He scrapes the grim off of it only to find that it's a tiny doll....

Of Sasuke. Which makes an eyebrow twitch in annoyance.]

What are you lookin' at?

[Speaking to the doll because even though it's pretty dirty, Naruto still feels as if the doll is glaring at him. It doesn't help that the doll has the signature Sasuke look where he appears as if he's angry with the world.

Naruto flicks the doll's forehead as if that's going to do anything.

Sorry not sorry, Sasuke.]

Phase IV - what eating too much ramen does for you

[After all of this time and Naruto hasn't come across any creature that he's considered a threat - not even the ones with lots of teeth. Being able to walk on top of the dark water means there's not a lot to snap at his feet where he can't see it.

However, he's completely caught off-guard when a tentacle wraps around his ankle from the water below and down he goes. Or more accurately, up he goes. It's almost as if he's twelve years old again and caught in Kakashi-sensei's rope - hanging from the tree by his ankle. Except it's not a tree or a rope - it's all one big tentacly monster.

Naruto makes a face at it brings him close and then pinches his nose closed.]

Gross! What have you been eating?

[Another tentacle pulls his shirt straight but god, just look at that sodium amount! Is all of that protein worth it?]

Do it and you'll get more than you bargained for!

[It's not the first time Naruto's gone down the gullet of some huge creature and he's not afraid to make them cough him back up any way he can.

The creature seems to disapprove and literally throws him away. Naruto catches himself on the limb of a tree just in time to see it go for someone else.]

Hey! Didn't your mother teach you - [He swings himself on the branch and then launches himself at the monster.] - not to play with your food?


[Lay it on me! Anything and everything goes!]
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Phase I

[personal profile] madcuriosity 2016-01-15 07:37 am (UTC)(link)
[Fortunately for Naruto, Alice is honestly quite used to talking to animals. She did it all the time in fact. So when she was suddenly being accused, she froze in place. Only to see the blond boy wasn't even talking to her! Thank goodness.

Instead he was talking to a frog? Alice did her best to trudge through the gross, foul-smelling mud, to see whatever the toad and the boy with the whiskers were going on about. As she looked between the toad and Naruto, she gave him a gentle tap on the shoulder.

Oh ah, excuse me, sir. [How on earth was he standing on top of the mud without any problem?]
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[personal profile] findpeace 2016-01-15 08:02 am (UTC)(link)
[The tap to his shoulder pulls his attention away from the toad and on to the little girl. She may very well sink into the swamp if she ends up in the wrong spot. While he's distracted, the toad hops away and disappears beneath the water.

No answer at all.]

Yeah? What is it? [Any irritation that had been felt towards the animal is gone now as he addresses Alice. There's lots of creatures in the swamp capable of chopping off a foot or more if someone isn't careful. He may not know a lot of kids but Naruto does know a few and tries to look out for them so it carries over now.]

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Phase I

[personal profile] niceguypose 2016-01-15 08:18 am (UTC)(link)

[So cries out a young man nearby garbed in... yoga clothes?!]

If anything summoned you... It must have been the pain of my young heart! Would you ever forgive me?! [If that somehow ever turned out to be the case.]
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[Okay, this is weird. Naruto's not sure he's ever seen Lee without the green jumpsuit so the yoga clothes are weird. He turns away from the toad and straightens up fully.]

Why would you summon me? ["The pain of my young heart" grabs at him.] What's wrong?

[If he forgets that Lee can't mold chakra to actually summon anyway - well, that's on Naruto.]

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phase iv;

[personal profile] protectthecastle 2016-01-15 04:18 pm (UTC)(link)
[The only reason Veronica had stopped on her trek through the swamp (determined, as always, to figure out the point of this new game) was because she caught the motion out of the corner of her eye when Naruto gets picked up and then flung. Eyes wide, she had immediately run to him to see if he was okay, regardless of the fact that the monster was still there and a tentacle wraps around her waist and yanks her back and up into the air.

Unfortunately, she doesn't have a nutritional label and the monster wonders if it should just take the chance as it lifts her up and over to its mouth. She's not reasoning with it since there has never been a single monster they could reason with and she's already preparing to cast magic.

This is why princesses get chaperoned...thank goodness Naruto launches himself at the monster.]
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[It's a good thing for Veronica that Naruto's around because he's taken down monsters that are tougher than this. The tentacled beast is preparing to chow down on some girl and with a pop and a puff a smoke, an identical Naruto appears to grab his arm and change his trajectory.

A sphere of blue forms in his right hand as he flies straight for the tentacle that's holding Veronica and when it connects - the tentacle explodes, severing it from the monster. The creature roars in pain but Naruto is already moving to catch Veronica so that she doesn't simply doesn't just fall into its mouth.]

Don't ya know that eating people is gonna be bad for your health?

[When they reach the water, she may notice that Naruto proceeds to stand on top of water. He'll release her so that she can stand on her own feet but unfortunately, his ability to defy gravity does not extend to her so Veronica will end up in the water.]

You okay?
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gentlestep: (3)


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[Hinata was still trying to figure this place out but she was at least learning one thing: it was a recurring theme to apparently be thrown into gross places and be sorely in need of a shower later. She starts exploring the swampy place by walking on the muggy watter's surface and pulling her long hair out of the way, tying it up so that it doesn't get messy or in the way if she has to fight. Clearly the latter was going to happen.

Seeing Naruto dangling in the air gives hear a near heart attack, worsened when she sees the giant monster throw him. Of course, he lands just fine but that doesn't stop her from being concerned. That concern swiftly changed to alarm when the monster rounded on her, reaching a tentacle straight for her.

Jumping swiftly into action, Hinata's Byakugan is her most solid weapon in detecting the danger around her. Changing her stance, Hinata uses her hands to block the monster's attempts at grabbing her. Able to stand easily on the surface of the swamp, Hinata divides her chakra between her feet and her hands, ready to sever this being's ability to move at a moment's notice.

Naruto-kun! Be careful.

[He's already launched himself at the thing and she changes her assessment of their situation to the surrounding foliage, to see where the closest tree is so that she could join him in his assault.]
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[personal profile] findpeace 2016-01-15 07:45 pm (UTC)(link)
[There wasn't much time to look at who the monster was reaching for next but he certainly does recognize the technique that's used to keep it from grabbing her. While he's no longer entirely concerned with protecting someone, Naruto does want to keep the creature from getting either one of them. Hinata can take care of herself and he's certain that they've both faced tougher opponents before.

When it can't seem to break through Hinata's defenses, it seems to change its mind once again and moves to snatch him out of the air. Shame that Naruto's ready for it. A Rasengan is resting in his hand and when the tentacle comes within range, he brings the swirling orb of chakra down on it.

The severing is not a neat thing and the creature cries out in pain and anger. Naruto braces his feet against the monster's body to propel himself away. He lands next to Hinata on the water's surface.]

This thing isn't all that strong. We can take it.

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pseudonyms: (When I don't even know her name)

phase I

[personal profile] pseudonyms 2016-01-15 06:25 pm (UTC)(link)
[She sure does dare. How can she not when Naruto's clearly suffering from some sort of delusions? Wait, can people have delusions in a swamp? Oh whatever, it doesn't matter, he's having a crisis here! She'd been stomping her way through the swamp, water weighing down the black yoga pants and slowing her down when she finds Naruto crouched and arguing with...a toad.

It's the word "summoned" that gets her, and Rise can't help but wonder what he means by that.]

I don't think they care about that part. [A hand props up on her hip, tilting her head as her pigtails swing to the side.] A lot of us were in the middle of something big. Yelling at the wildlife doesn't seem too effective though.
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[personal profile] findpeace 2016-01-15 07:50 pm (UTC)(link)
[Yes, clearly he's lost his mind seeing as how he's talking to an animal and it's not talking back. Naruto thought he'd been summoned but maybe this toad is just a toad - nothing special about it. Even though he spent time among the toads in their land, doesn't mean he knows all of them which is why he thought this was one he'd never met before.

When Rise stumbles upon him talking to an ordinary toad, Naruto doesn't look sheepish about it at all.]

Obviously not or else we wouldn't be here. [He may not have been in the middle of saving the world but it was something that was important to him. Jerks his thumb in the toad's direction.] I thought it was someone else.

[... "someone" who could talk.]

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Phase I

[personal profile] heiroglyphs 2016-01-15 08:09 pm (UTC)(link)
[Okay, who is this nutjob yelling at animals? Weiss isn't exactly a protector of the forest, but that doesn't mean she can't feel sorry for the things.

And wait... did he say something about summoning? How can that be?

Great, so the crazy swamp guy knows something about a technique only her family is supposed to be able to do. Guess she better go talk to him. Ugh.]

Um... hello? Are you okay?
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[personal profile] findpeace 2016-01-15 10:01 pm (UTC)(link)
[Yelling is the least harmless thing he could possibly do to a animal. Not that he goes out of his way to hurt them. But it's becoming apparent that this is just... an ordinary toad.

He definitely said summoning. Where he's from summoning is not an uncommon ability. Maybe not everyone can do it but it's not unusual.

A voice interrupts him from his interrogation of the toad and Naruto looks up at the person it belongs to.]

Me. Yeah, I'm fine. Just trying to get some information out of this guy. [Points to the toad.]

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onerous: (That hand beckoning me)

Phase I

[personal profile] onerous 2016-01-15 09:51 pm (UTC)(link)
[Oh, hey that's a familiar voice. She'd been whisked away pretty soon after their adventure going up the trash chute, so she's relieved that he's alright.

...Or as 'alright' as someone talking to a frog can be. Yuri pauses awkwardly on the edge of this scene, wondering if she should say something or just turn around and go back.

Are you-- [How does she ask this delicately.] Are you talking to the frog?
findpeace: (ғᴏʀᴄᴇᴅ ≡ ʙᴇʜɪɴᴅ ᴛʜɪs ᴡᴀʟʟ)

[personal profile] findpeace 2016-01-15 10:07 pm (UTC)(link)
[There's one voice that he does recognize. It might be a new one but Naruto remembers it from recent events involving something just as gross as garbage. Looking over only confirms who's approaching.

Naruto reaches down to pick up the animal by the middle and holds it up for Yuri to see while giving her a smile.]

It's not a frog, it's a toad. Me and some toads have this contract - I can summon them, they can summon me.

[But if she's here then maybe it wasn't a summoning jutsu.]

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vindicavi: (confused)

III - i could ask the same question

[personal profile] vindicavi 2016-01-16 04:51 am (UTC)(link)
[ There's no end to the swamp that he could find, but this time he'd been smart about it and conserved his chakra a bit better. Was it because of the crappy greeting by some guy who couldn't be bothered to really explain? Or maybe the presentation of 'everything you know and love is gone because your world is gone, so suck it up, buttercup'? Either way, it means he's not having to stop and rest or walk around sans partial depth perception and peripheral vision, so that's a plus.

He's even been behaving, minding his own business, when he spots what's either Naruto or someone else with the same lack of fashion sense and love for god-awful orange, and he very nearly turns and goes in the other direction when something hits him in the face, making him flinch, blinking in momentary wide-eyed confusion. What the--? He didn't even do anything!

"What are you lookin' at?"

Oh. Oh. Coupled with what he's sure was something thrown at him, them's fightin' words, buddy... and he's just going to scoop up a handful of mud -maybe a rock in there too, who knows- to whip at the blond. Yoga clothes don't really leave much room for carrying shuriken, so this will have to do. ]

What the hell was that for? [ That glare? It's not just coming from the doll anymore, Naruto. ]
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the two of them will always be children around each other, just a little.

[personal profile] findpeace 2016-01-16 05:31 am (UTC)(link)
[Without using Sage Mode or even the Kyuubi's chakra, he doesn't sense when someone familiar is close by. Which means that Sasuke manages to get so close without Naruto noticing at all. Honestly, he was hoping that the remaining Uchiha would be back on their world and protecting what they'd just fought to save because he doesn't believe the bullshit they tried to feed him about it blowing up.

Since there doesn't seem to be a whole lot out to get him in the swamps, it's the perfect opportunity for Kurama to rest and gather chakra after all they expended in the battle with Kaguya. Though the snoring was kind of annoying and seemed less like chakra gathering than straight-up sleeping.

He has no idea that the doll seems to have summoned the person it was modeled after or the connection it has to the real thing.

When that mud-coated rock comes flying at him, all of Naruto's defenses are down... well, all the ones that matter anyway. Can't have any sharp-toothed scaly animals trying to chop on his feet after all.

It smacks him right in the side of his head and causes him to sway a little. Dammit, that hurt! Naruto's instantly on his feet and turning towards the direction it came from only to see an identical glare directed at him.]

Whaddya talking about, jerk?! You're the one who hit me first! [Rubs at the mud to dislodge most of it while attempting to soothe the sore spot underneath. Really, it's a good thing that Kurama's healing capabilities are still working.]

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[ Usually when Rin plays in ViViD, she selects Single Player Mode because really, who wants to run into people who will distract you? No one likes competing against their friends (except her but that's because she's competitive in nature) and often it leaves the other party feeling like a sore loser. Unfortunately for her, this seemed to be a part of the tutorial which meant she was bound to run into familiar faces.

So imagine her surprise when she sees something bright and recognizable in the swamp.

Naruto! [ First name basis and everything, what a lucky guy. Except maybe not so lucky as she stomps through the swamp in her traditional thigh-high boots towards him. ]

Where have you been?! I was worried!
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[Single Player, Multi-Player - those words are foreign to him in the way they're used but it hardly matters considering he doesn't even remember joining a game in the first place. What he does remember is being dumped into the water after some strange mission briefing or whatever it was.

An unfamiliar voice calls out his name and Naruto looks to see someone he's sure that he's never met before. Maybe she'd been on of the many ninja on the battlefield and she had seen him at the front fighting their opponents.

Pretty much everyone calls him by his first name unless they've also decided to tack on his last name. He almost drops the Sasuke doll back into the water when the girl continues to talk as if they know each other. What he does do is look over his shoulder to see if she might be talking to someone else who just so happens to have the same name as him.]

Eh? [There's no one but him. So he turns his attention back towards the girl.] I've been here and before that I was fighting a war?

[It's said as more of a question than a fact.]

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[ Cue a girl who is stuck in the muck, just staring at Naruto in wonder. She seems to be holding a large key-shaped sword for some reason, but it's loose at her side at the moment. Right now all her wonder is reserved for him, and she isn't really paying any attention at all to the doll he's holding. ]

Can you float, too?

[ What kind of question is that? ]
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[It's a perfectly legit question.

One day he'll get used to people not knowing what chakra is and all of the things it can do but today is not that day. Naruto is absolutely curious about why this girl is carrying around an extremely large key (does she have an extremely large lock?) but gets distracted by her question.]

Nah, not anymore. I could for a little bit but then I lost the power.

[Both hands go behind his head, the Sasuke doll going with them.]

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[Talking to animals isn't really new, but summoning? Jack watches from his perching spot on a branch, head tilt with curiosity. Do they have magical frogs and he is just learning right now?

...nah, just another newbie making a show. Man, where is the popcorn when you need it.]

At least you bring some witch frogs with you, blondie, there was no magical summoning done here.
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[OOC: Continued here]
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[ Is that ...

Ah, no way. This can't actually be happening. There's no way Sorachi could include such an iconic character into the story and not run into legal troubles. Not unless it were a collaboration with Kishimoto.

Still, it looks and sounds an awful lot like --

Come to think of it, Sougo's no longer in Gintama anymore, right? He's in a completely different place. A place where lawsuits might not be able to reach, a place where copyrights might not even matter. This might be the real deal. ]

You're not gonna get any answers if you go shouting at the first thing you see. [ Calmly, Sougo walks over. At this point he's picked up on the fact that he's in virtual reality, that some mysterious corp had shoved them all in something called a ViViD for fun, but he's not going to share any of that information with Naruto. ]

Isn't it obvious? What that frog had wanted you to come here and do. [ Get stronger.

Okay, he's actually making shit up as he goes but he figures if he plays his cards right, he might be able to score a training arc with Naruto. He's not even that crazy about the Naruto series but that would surely make Gintoki want to eat his hair in jealousy!!! ]
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