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Who: Everyoneeeeee!
When: OOC: 1/15 ; IC: 5/7
Where: ViViD's new level: Your Health and You (And Giant Monsters)
What: Intro log, welcome to Cerealia!
Rating/Warning: PG-13 for violence, etc! Please let the mods know if the rating needs to be changed or if the log needs to be locked!


The thing about Cerealia is, there really isn't any nature to be found here. Sure, you can go outside the walls of the city and explore the land beyond but who wants to risk a terrible, horrible death just to sniff the flowers? Not you, that's who! CERES understands that, CERES sympathizes, and sometimes CERES decides to take action when such problems arise. As part of the company's current "Healthier and Happier YOU" initiative, they've decided to let everyone get back in touch with nature a little.

Via ViViD.

Of course, this being CERES, the nature they've sent everyone to is more of a swamp. The place is disgusting, a real marvel of ViViD ingenuity and it smells like the dead. There's strange rustling among the leaves from creatures that may or may not want to eat you, and random pits that open up right under your feet with the goal of sending you straight into the marsh. It's not really that fun. There's no welcome sign either, no nothing except for swamplands as far as the eye can see.

Welcome to ViViD!

This is Mosley. One of our programmers forgot to include a welcome greeting for the level this time. How incompetent can you get? He's been fired now, it's fine. Instead, I will greet you today. Lucky you! You've been invited today to participate in CERES's "Healthier and Happier YOU" level where we've combined both physical exercise and relaxing meditation into the ultimate ViViD experience. Isn't that fun? You can... go camping and stuff. Or whatever. I don't... know...

Honestly, I don't even care. Have fun.



[ 6:00 ] Welcome to your new healthy living training ground! What does a swamp have to do with healthy living, you may ask? Absolutely nothing! To make up for it, CERES has outfitted all players with the proper equipment for their new healthy living lifestyle. They also may or may not have let you keep your shoes based on how benevolent the ViViD gods were being at the time. (Not very.)

Oh, and all newcomers will have something additional on their fancy new yoga shirt. It will be displayed loudly and proudly all over the front and back of it. And if you're one of the few not wearing a shirt, it will be on the back of your pants. As in, your butt. It will be on your butt.

What’s ViViD trying to say, anyway?

Regardless, it probably doesn’t matter as much as finding your way through the swamp. Some sort of dry land would be really nice right now, wouldn't it? You'll have to watch out for the mud that will suck you right down under the marsh, and the creatures with lots of teeth that will never surface from the mud but won't hesitate to snap up an unwary foot or two.

CERES is sure you'll be fine. Totally and completely fine.


[ 8:00 ] Eventually, if you try really, really hard, you’ll make it to a house. Actually, it’s more of a shack, really. If you clamber your way out of the mud and the gunk and the marsh into said shack, you will find it to be empty aside from a table. A table hosting a huge pile of... well, health drinks. See, there's totally a health theme in this level. CERES would never make a ViViD level that wasn't thematically appropriate. Never! Health drinks of all sorts and types and sizes can be found here and there’s even a sign too; it simply says:

Take one.

Well, that seems safe.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to leave said shack until you do take one. And drink it. The door will lock shut and cover itself in more swamp until you do. Yay. Depending on your luck, the drink may do the following to you:

➟ Cause your ViViD experience to glitch. This may involve phasing through walls, seeing everything in 8-bit, or hearing really annoying old video game music everywhere you go.

➟ Cause status effects. This can include suddenly moving incredibly slowly, being turned to stone for a period of time, suddenly being on fire, suddenly being poisoned, etc etc.

➟ Be healthier. Mmm, kale and hummus smoothie. Taste those veggies.
If you try to take more than one, that’s fine too, nobody will stop you, but you probably won’t get lucky more than once.


[ 9:00 ] And back you go, out into the swampy wilderness. Don’t give up! Keep going! Eventually, you’ll find the end of this level. Probably.

Eventually, though, you may stumble across something in the mud and the muck. It’s... a little doll?

In fact, it’s a little doll of one of your most important people (or, alternatively, of someone you absolutely hate). It might be someone in Cerealia currently, or someone who isn’t, but either way, the doll is there and it’s clearly them (covered in mud and all). Be careful, though. If you toss it aside, you’ll suddenly see that important person being tossed aside. If you cut the doll, you'll suddenly see that person bleeding. Even if they aren’t present in Cerealia, whatever happens to that doll, you'll see it happening to them. Is it a hallucination or are they actually there? That's a little more up in the air.

And if they are present in Cerealia, well... doing things to that doll might very well hurt them too -- for real, this time, though.

Be careful! Or don't. You do you, as CERES would say.


[ 12:00 ] And then, eventually you reach a quiet, swampy area. Not that the rest of the swamp isn't swampy, this area is just extra swampy.

There’s very little happening here in this swampy place; even the birds are no longer squawking. And for a long moment, everything will remain quiet and peaceful, a place of reprieve... until the swamp begins to bubble. Then suddenly, a new friend will burst out of the swamp, showering mud and gunk everywhere.

Without warning, that creature is going to try to grab for the nearest person (it might be you!) and let out a mighty roar when they have them. Then, they'll hold them up to... read the nutrition facts on their shirt? What?

Of course, it will try to gobble you or whoever else it grabs if it finds, say, the salt content to be acceptable (the monster is watching their carbs). If it's not, then they'll just fling you away and move onto the next snack. For those without a handy nutrition facts label on your shirt, well, it might just take a gamble and try to eat you anyway.

Great. A health-conscious monster. That's just what this level needed.


[ xx:xx ] Finally, you’re free of the game. Without warning, you’re dumped into Cerealia properly and you’re able to scrub the mud and gunk from your clothing (wait why did that come back with you and where are your normal clothes?). You're able to then make your way to your new place of residence (or old) and...

There is a tiny tree there waiting for you. Isn’t it cute? And if you take care of this tiny tree, it will eventually bear fruit! Tiny fruit. Itty bitty fruit.

Depending on which tiny tree you get, it will be one of the following: a tiny dildo tree, a tiny bacon tree, a tiny kazoo tree, a tiny carolina reaper tree, or a (dumb) tiny hats tree.

Everything will, naturally, be tiny. Enjoy your new healthy CERES gift!

[ Remember to apply proper warnings on threads with sensitive or inappropriate material and do let a mod know if your thread careens off into maiming or canoodling so we can lock the log. ]


Welcome to Cerealia's January intro log! For your convenience, we have compiled the characters' arrival experience here, and should you have any questions, feel free to ask them here! You can also check the FAQ for more general inquiries. Should this event log hit Captcha, there is an all-purpose overflow here. Thank you!

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Suddenly there's a blond teenager practically stumbling over some tree roots that are sticking out of the water. Some curses fall from his mouth as he shook some tiny branches off of his bare foot before setting it down on top of the water. It doesn't sink beneath the surface but rested on top of it instead.

He has a doll of his own in one hand but it looked nothing like him. It has dark hair and an irritated expression, definitely not someone he's related to. When he spotted Lumina, Naruto changed his direction and headed towards her. Upon seeing her doll, he looked up at her.

"Who's that? Your mom?" That's a logical conclusion to reach, right?
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Lumina had already scrambled to her feet when he reached her, urged on by the sound of footsteps. She would have fled up into the trees, if not for the fact that he was walking on water. Okay. That was worth asking about.

But before she could, she was distracted by the question, and the contents of it were enough to short out a witty response for a second. Her mom. She could just picture the look of horror on Lightning's face if someone had made that mistake. Half-mistake.

"No," she said finally. "She's my..." why was she suddenly so bad at this? "sister." That was believable, right. Not her usual high-calibre lie but it would do. Most of a lie at least.
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[personal profile] findpeace 2016-01-15 10:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Sorry to distract from her curiosity about his ability to defy physics. Not that he knew she was curious about it in the first place. It was so normal where he came from that Naruto forgot that things were different here. Chakra was not as well-known here as it was in his world.

He leaned over even more to get a really good look at the dirty doll and then his eye flicked up to Lumina's face. Sometimes it was easy to tell two people who were related. If he caught the lie, Naruto doesn't say anything about it.

"You look a lot like her." A doll version of Lightning wasn't exactly great for him to tell their age difference but he'll believe Lumina anyway. "Is she here?"
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[personal profile] chaoticwhimsy 2016-01-15 10:47 pm (UTC)(link)
"Oh I know we look alike," she rolled her eyes at that. "Believe me I know." Who didn't love looking like the savior, after all. She just shrugged. "Dunno. Haven't seen her. If she is, everybody will now. Lightning loves making an entrance."

And then she was crouching down, squinting at Naruto's feet.

"Okay, how are you doing that?" Her curiosity was hard to keep at bay.
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[personal profile] findpeace 2016-01-16 05:04 am (UTC)(link)
Hang on a second. Did she seriously just say that? He gave her an extremely curious look. "Lightning? Is that really her name? Or does she just... use lightning as a weapon?"

Because it's one thing for that to be someone's ability and another to be their name. Maybe he should start calling Sasuke that.

Lumina suddenly turned the attention away from her and was now looking at his feet. They were dirty from the couple of occasions when he put them down in the muck but they weren't stuck in it right now. "I'm using chakra to walk on top of the water. It's not that hard to do."

Okay, it's sort of a lie. When he was attempting to learn to channel chakra into his feet, Naruto failed more times than he'd like to admit and learning to walk on water was even harder. Now it's more like second nature to him.
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[personal profile] chaoticwhimsy 2016-01-16 11:36 pm (UTC)(link)
"It's her name. Most of the time anyway." A little mysterious giggle as she straightens back up, tucking the doll into the waistband of her yoga pants.

"I've never heard of chakra. Looks handy though. Still didn't stop you from getting dirty though, huh?"
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[OOC: Continued here]