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Who: Everyoneeeeee!
When: OOC: 1/15 ; IC: 5/7
Where: ViViD's new level: Your Health and You (And Giant Monsters)
What: Intro log, welcome to Cerealia!
Rating/Warning: PG-13 for violence, etc! Please let the mods know if the rating needs to be changed or if the log needs to be locked!


The thing about Cerealia is, there really isn't any nature to be found here. Sure, you can go outside the walls of the city and explore the land beyond but who wants to risk a terrible, horrible death just to sniff the flowers? Not you, that's who! CERES understands that, CERES sympathizes, and sometimes CERES decides to take action when such problems arise. As part of the company's current "Healthier and Happier YOU" initiative, they've decided to let everyone get back in touch with nature a little.

Via ViViD.

Of course, this being CERES, the nature they've sent everyone to is more of a swamp. The place is disgusting, a real marvel of ViViD ingenuity and it smells like the dead. There's strange rustling among the leaves from creatures that may or may not want to eat you, and random pits that open up right under your feet with the goal of sending you straight into the marsh. It's not really that fun. There's no welcome sign either, no nothing except for swamplands as far as the eye can see.

Welcome to ViViD!

This is Mosley. One of our programmers forgot to include a welcome greeting for the level this time. How incompetent can you get? He's been fired now, it's fine. Instead, I will greet you today. Lucky you! You've been invited today to participate in CERES's "Healthier and Happier YOU" level where we've combined both physical exercise and relaxing meditation into the ultimate ViViD experience. Isn't that fun? You can... go camping and stuff. Or whatever. I don't... know...

Honestly, I don't even care. Have fun.



[ 6:00 ] Welcome to your new healthy living training ground! What does a swamp have to do with healthy living, you may ask? Absolutely nothing! To make up for it, CERES has outfitted all players with the proper equipment for their new healthy living lifestyle. They also may or may not have let you keep your shoes based on how benevolent the ViViD gods were being at the time. (Not very.)

Oh, and all newcomers will have something additional on their fancy new yoga shirt. It will be displayed loudly and proudly all over the front and back of it. And if you're one of the few not wearing a shirt, it will be on the back of your pants. As in, your butt. It will be on your butt.

What’s ViViD trying to say, anyway?

Regardless, it probably doesn’t matter as much as finding your way through the swamp. Some sort of dry land would be really nice right now, wouldn't it? You'll have to watch out for the mud that will suck you right down under the marsh, and the creatures with lots of teeth that will never surface from the mud but won't hesitate to snap up an unwary foot or two.

CERES is sure you'll be fine. Totally and completely fine.


[ 8:00 ] Eventually, if you try really, really hard, you’ll make it to a house. Actually, it’s more of a shack, really. If you clamber your way out of the mud and the gunk and the marsh into said shack, you will find it to be empty aside from a table. A table hosting a huge pile of... well, health drinks. See, there's totally a health theme in this level. CERES would never make a ViViD level that wasn't thematically appropriate. Never! Health drinks of all sorts and types and sizes can be found here and there’s even a sign too; it simply says:

Take one.

Well, that seems safe.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to leave said shack until you do take one. And drink it. The door will lock shut and cover itself in more swamp until you do. Yay. Depending on your luck, the drink may do the following to you:

➟ Cause your ViViD experience to glitch. This may involve phasing through walls, seeing everything in 8-bit, or hearing really annoying old video game music everywhere you go.

➟ Cause status effects. This can include suddenly moving incredibly slowly, being turned to stone for a period of time, suddenly being on fire, suddenly being poisoned, etc etc.

➟ Be healthier. Mmm, kale and hummus smoothie. Taste those veggies.
If you try to take more than one, that’s fine too, nobody will stop you, but you probably won’t get lucky more than once.


[ 9:00 ] And back you go, out into the swampy wilderness. Don’t give up! Keep going! Eventually, you’ll find the end of this level. Probably.

Eventually, though, you may stumble across something in the mud and the muck. It’s... a little doll?

In fact, it’s a little doll of one of your most important people (or, alternatively, of someone you absolutely hate). It might be someone in Cerealia currently, or someone who isn’t, but either way, the doll is there and it’s clearly them (covered in mud and all). Be careful, though. If you toss it aside, you’ll suddenly see that important person being tossed aside. If you cut the doll, you'll suddenly see that person bleeding. Even if they aren’t present in Cerealia, whatever happens to that doll, you'll see it happening to them. Is it a hallucination or are they actually there? That's a little more up in the air.

And if they are present in Cerealia, well... doing things to that doll might very well hurt them too -- for real, this time, though.

Be careful! Or don't. You do you, as CERES would say.


[ 12:00 ] And then, eventually you reach a quiet, swampy area. Not that the rest of the swamp isn't swampy, this area is just extra swampy.

There’s very little happening here in this swampy place; even the birds are no longer squawking. And for a long moment, everything will remain quiet and peaceful, a place of reprieve... until the swamp begins to bubble. Then suddenly, a new friend will burst out of the swamp, showering mud and gunk everywhere.

Without warning, that creature is going to try to grab for the nearest person (it might be you!) and let out a mighty roar when they have them. Then, they'll hold them up to... read the nutrition facts on their shirt? What?

Of course, it will try to gobble you or whoever else it grabs if it finds, say, the salt content to be acceptable (the monster is watching their carbs). If it's not, then they'll just fling you away and move onto the next snack. For those without a handy nutrition facts label on your shirt, well, it might just take a gamble and try to eat you anyway.

Great. A health-conscious monster. That's just what this level needed.


[ xx:xx ] Finally, you’re free of the game. Without warning, you’re dumped into Cerealia properly and you’re able to scrub the mud and gunk from your clothing (wait why did that come back with you and where are your normal clothes?). You're able to then make your way to your new place of residence (or old) and...

There is a tiny tree there waiting for you. Isn’t it cute? And if you take care of this tiny tree, it will eventually bear fruit! Tiny fruit. Itty bitty fruit.

Depending on which tiny tree you get, it will be one of the following: a tiny dildo tree, a tiny bacon tree, a tiny kazoo tree, a tiny carolina reaper tree, or a (dumb) tiny hats tree.

Everything will, naturally, be tiny. Enjoy your new healthy CERES gift!

[ Remember to apply proper warnings on threads with sensitive or inappropriate material and do let a mod know if your thread careens off into maiming or canoodling so we can lock the log. ]


Welcome to Cerealia's January intro log! For your convenience, we have compiled the characters' arrival experience here, and should you have any questions, feel free to ask them here! You can also check the FAQ for more general inquiries. Should this event log hit Captcha, there is an all-purpose overflow here. Thank you!

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ota; always taking new people!

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Phase I - it comes in orange

[One second he's lucky, the next Naruto's face down in the swampy water. He sits up and spits out some of the nasty tasting liquid. Then he attempts to wipe the taste off his tongue with his left sleeve.]

Tell me you didn't just reverse summon me!

[Are the words that fall out of his mouth. Who he's talking to isn't all that obvious unless people know about his capability to summon the toads. Then Naruto proceeds to climb on top of the water and wrings out the clothes that aren't his but are still most definitely orange in color (as if he'd wear any other color). The label printed on the front and back of his shirt is new though. Well, honestly the clothes are too but the ones he had been wearing were already so tattered that he'd have to throw them away and get new ones.]

Oi! Who summoned me?!

[A rustle comes from the nearby foliage and out pops a toad, resting just at the surface of the murky water and Naruto squats down casually.]

Was it you?

[Okay, this kid must be crazy to be talking to the animals and squinting at it as if he expects it to answer.

All it does do in response is croak and Naruto points at it.]

Don't gimme that! If there's something you need, you gotta tell me. I was in the middle of something.

[Do you dare to interrupt?]

Phase III - why'd it have to be you?

[One good thing about having chakra is the capability to not have to trudge through the muck. He can walk on top of it and not have to feel the squishy mush at the bottom of the water ooze through his toes. Already Naruto has scouted from the top of a tree but there wasn't really anything of interest in any direction. Trees, more swamp and more of those shacks here and there.

Which is why he's wandering a little aimlessly. Conserving chakra as much as possible while also not exhausting himself physically.

With a sigh, he stops where he is and ruffles the back of his hair. That's when he spots it - some weird lumpy shape trapped in a pile of sludge and Naruto moves to pick it up. He scrapes the grim off of it only to find that it's a tiny doll....

Of Sasuke. Which makes an eyebrow twitch in annoyance.]

What are you lookin' at?

[Speaking to the doll because even though it's pretty dirty, Naruto still feels as if the doll is glaring at him. It doesn't help that the doll has the signature Sasuke look where he appears as if he's angry with the world.

Naruto flicks the doll's forehead as if that's going to do anything.

Sorry not sorry, Sasuke.]

Phase IV - what eating too much ramen does for you

[After all of this time and Naruto hasn't come across any creature that he's considered a threat - not even the ones with lots of teeth. Being able to walk on top of the dark water means there's not a lot to snap at his feet where he can't see it.

However, he's completely caught off-guard when a tentacle wraps around his ankle from the water below and down he goes. Or more accurately, up he goes. It's almost as if he's twelve years old again and caught in Kakashi-sensei's rope - hanging from the tree by his ankle. Except it's not a tree or a rope - it's all one big tentacly monster.

Naruto makes a face at it brings him close and then pinches his nose closed.]

Gross! What have you been eating?

[Another tentacle pulls his shirt straight but god, just look at that sodium amount! Is all of that protein worth it?]

Do it and you'll get more than you bargained for!

[It's not the first time Naruto's gone down the gullet of some huge creature and he's not afraid to make them cough him back up any way he can.

The creature seems to disapprove and literally throws him away. Naruto catches himself on the limb of a tree just in time to see it go for someone else.]

Hey! Didn't your mother teach you - [He swings himself on the branch and then launches himself at the monster.] - not to play with your food?


[Lay it on me! Anything and everything goes!]
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helping little girls climb trees

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[Once he's sure that she's not going to tumble out of the tree, Naruto lets go of her but doesn't really move that far away just in case she does fall. He stands and takes the opportunity to look around, but Alice's words bring his attention back to her.

Naruto smiles down at her.]

You don't gotta be sorry. We all need help sometimes. Besides, you can give help even when you're in need of it too.
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[She wobbles a tiny bit when she's allowed to stand back on her own feet. But she's actually agile enough to stay on her own. Being barefoot helped.]

I always seem to need more help than give it, I'm afraid. But thank you, mister... ah I just realized I never got your name sir.

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bushybrows of friendship and youth

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[Alright! He definitely will have Lee's support when he becomes Hokage... oh wait. That's not the important thing right now.

But ugh, the tears. At least they're tears of happiness and they aren't soaking him even more than he already is.]

First thing's first, we gotta find out if anyone else ended up here. Then you can tell us everything you know about those Flame-men and we can figure out the real truth of what's happened.

[Finding people is actually the easy part even if they are in the middle of what seems like an endless swamp.]
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Yosh! [He nods diligently and raises his fist.]

I approve of your plan, Naruto-kun! And I will follow your every wish...! Yes, let us seek out our other comrades! There is no telling who else could have come to this world...!

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fighting alongside magic princesses

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[It's easy to miss when he only makes one in the midst of battle and they aren't yelling their attacks. Plus the clone is no longer in sight as he's hidden by the body of the monster they're attempting to face down.

The strange girl pulls him back but even slightly startled he doesn't slip below the water as he stumbles back a couple of steps. A tentacle misses him by inches and instead hits a nearby tree. Unfortunately the large plant is almost completely uprooted in the assault and it's only a matter of time before it starts throwing trees around.]

A little thing like that's not gonna hurt me much. [It's no big deal.] Yeah, we should probably warn people there's a monster looking to eat some people out this way.

[This creature doesn't look like it's out for world domination, it just looks like another hungry beast attempting to secure a meal. Naruto has no issue retreating in this situation.]
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Just because it does not hurt much does not mean it does not hurt at all. [Don't make her lecture you, Naruto.]

Then shall we go? It would be terrible if someone else were to come here not knowing what to expect.

[Maybe they could make a sign...she's not sure.
Just in case though, she plucks a strand of hair to use for magic in case the creature hurls anything else at them.]

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fighting more tentacle monsters

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[For him, taking care of this creature would be an easy matter if he simply drew on the Kyuubi's chakra but who knew what else was in this swamp. He may run into something even more dangerous than this thing. It might not even be an animal. So for now they'll just combined their strength and fight it together.

Which is why Naruto doesn't protest when she takes his hand and leads him to a tree. He watches the monster flail about in anger.]

Do you think you can immobilize it if I distract it?

[Naruto can summon some clones to confuse it while Hinata deals with the creature.]
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[She knows how easy it would be for him to just go it alone and yet- she just can't sit this one out. She wants more than anything to be by his side - protecting him, fighting enemies together with him. At his question, she nods, feeling confident just by his faith in her.]

Whenever you're ready.

[Her eyes are already shifting again and she brings her stance together while he makes necessary preparations. Her eyes could see around them in a near 360 degree circle. Were another enemy to be alerted, they wouldn't escape her gaze.]

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talkin' 'bout toads

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[If only she knew just how friendly Naruto was with the most well-known fox in his world.] Yeah, like dog or snakes or slugs or toads. They aren't like normal animals, they can talk and fight and do other helpful things.

[Maybe out of the list he just said, toads and slugs probably don't seem all that impressive.] Well, Boss and Gamakichi are both huge and carry swords. Just letting them move around this place even a little is gonna knock some trees over.
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[The important question clearly is if that fox can heal his entire party inside a world behind the TV. But anyway, the longer Naruto talks the more she realizes that this is absolutely normal wherever he comes from and he's right, toads and slugs really don't seem impressive, especially when slugs don't even have limbs.] That definitely sounds helpful. Most of the animals back where I'm from are pretty normal.

["Most." She seems surprised by that though.] Wait, are they actually here? [Because now she...sort of wants to see this in action.]

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this is not the frog prince

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It's a reverse-summon.

I made a contract with them so that I can summon them but it also means they can summon me. If I need to get somewhere really fast, it can be pretty useful.

[Really? Seriously?]

Why would I kiss a toad and why the hell would it turn into a prince? What does that have to do with anything?

[Yeah, that story doesn't exist in his world.]
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[Weiss takes a moment to imagine with horror the thought of Grimm being able to summon her family. To be taken from their home, or work, or whatever they were doing only to end up in some desolate city to be feasted upon by monsters.]

Who would sign a contract like that?! Do they not have lawyers in Toad World? There's got to be a better solution than letting them pull you away from your life whenever they want.

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we've got time to talk summons here in illusion-land.

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[There is a wikipedia... Naruto's pretty much willing to answer any question she might have but he's probably not the best person to explain all of the nitty-gritty details of some things.]

Well yeah! Kakashi-sensei's dogs are used for tracking, mostly, though they can fight too. Sakura-chan's slug can be used as communication because it turns into smaller ones and she can also heal people like that. Sasuke's snake is good at fighting, I guess. [Said begrudgingly in comparison to the first two as if he doesn't want to admit to it.] And my toads are excellent at fighting! Boss and Gamakichi both carry swords and can leap long distances while carrying a bunch of people.

[Clearly he's proud of his toads because now he's grinning like an idiot.] Really? These places feel so real that I wouldn't think they'd be some kind of illusion.

Where can we find Ceres or Mosley? I'll remind them that we're in here.
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That's amazing... [She does sound awed by it, thinking of the different animals he listed.

...A toad wielding a sword is a new one though and she's not sure how she feels about that. She thinks of the tiny toad Naruto had been holding in his hands and figures it's gotta be dangerous to some ankles, at least...

Honestly? I'm not sure. CERES is the-- company? [She assumes that's what they are. Governing body? Both??] That's in charge of the city. Once we get out of here we'll be in the city and they have a huge building where you can attempt to go to talk to them-- I'm not sure they'd let you in, though. [Amused:] Not that that'll stop you, I'm sure.

[She has a feeling Naruto would scale the walls until he got to the CEO's office and knock on the window or something.]

I've never actually seen Mosley in person, I think. I'm not sure if he's even real. But he'd be at that building too. [Yuri hesitates, then looks apologetic] Sorry. I don't really know how to get out of here other than waiting it out or completing what they want from us. But I don't even know what it is they do want, so...

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are they at least good siblings.... in the future?

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[Now is when he gets to his feet and the Sasuke doll dangles from his free hand. It's very tempting to throw it at the person it's modeled after for many reasons. Plus it isn't as if Naruto actually wants the doll to start with. Whatever the other teen is talking about is completely lost on him since he hadn't even known that Sasuke was in the swamp to start with.]

What the hell are you going on about? I didn't hit you with anything! I didn't even know you were here.

[The confused look on his face is probably proof enough that he's speaking the truth about that.

He raises a finger to point accusingly at the raven-haired male.]
You aren't supposed to be here! You should be back home proving that their stupid lies of it being destroyed is wrong!

[Look at them, depending on the other to protect their world in their absence.]
vindicavi: (confused)

someday maybe? but first, one needs sense beaten into him.

[personal profile] vindicavi 2016-01-19 02:46 am (UTC)(link)
Do you honestly expect me to believe that? You're the only other person around, and I felt it.

[ He just doesn't know what he was hit with. Sure, he didn't know Naruto had been nearby when he'd chosen to pass this way, and he'd only noticed him because the blond seemed incapable of being quiet, but was that really a good reason for Naruto to throw something at him? Confused look or not, none of this makes sense to him so he's grabbing onto the only thing that does.

Wait, did he just-- ]

Me?! Why am I the one that's supposed to be there? You were the one who was so adamant about protecting everybody. If the world gets destroyed, then that makes my job easier! [ With it gone, there won't be any need for a revolution or reformation of the ninja world because it doesn't exist anymore. ]

words just get in the way

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I don't know you, that's my purse!

[personal profile] findpeace 2016-01-18 07:15 am (UTC)(link)
[Two confused people is never a good thing.]

The Fourth Shinobi War! All five countries banded together to fight Madara, Obito, Kaguya and the Juubi. [Sorry but he doesn't even know this girl and she's demanding answers already.

Kind of reminds him of Sakura-chan, honestly. He's both scared and yet not of her threat to beat him up.]

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I! and fashionably late from cosplay sewing hell~ D:

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Er... Are you doing okay?

[ Okay, maybe she walked in on the wrong part of that conversation but the guy was talking to a toad right? She's not quite sure she wants to answer the questions, but it looked like he was as lost as she was.

Only problem is that this damn game liked doing that a lot and she couldn't deal with this anymore. She's covered in gunk splattered across her clothes and her hair is a mess. A girl can't live like this! She wasn't worried about getting down and dirty but there are limits to how much Ishtar can handle.

She was obviously trying to find some sort of way out or ways to make things better for her until she came upon the talking blond guy. ]


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/cries so mean ;w;

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people imitating crocodiles

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[Once he's gotten all of the water out that he possibly can, Naruto's arms cross over his chest grumpily.]

Coulda fooled me. [Then he becomes more curious than irritated.] What are you doing anyway?

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two blond protag derps

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The water's so dark that it's dangerous to walk around in it without paying attention.

[He plops down on the branch, bare feet dangling casually beneath him.]

So far I haven't seen anything worth being cautious over in the trees. Even if there were, so long as I'm around, you're safe.

[Naruto will protect basically anyone he comes across.]

both super powerful

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yup. pretty much.

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adopting small children of light

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[It's honestly not hard for him to be nice to anyone that crosses his path. At least those who are nice or aren't out to kill him/people he cares about. Naruto doesn't even consider it going out of his way or taking up his time to help her out.]

If they're here, we'll definitely find them! C'mon! [He'll start heading of in a random direction because they really have no way of knowing where to start.]

So what do they look like - your brother and the others?

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chaos meets Konoha's number one unpredictable ninja

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"Most of the time, huh?" He doesn't really question it beyond that though because suddenly she's shifted the conversation back to him and his ability.

Both hands go behind his head casually. "It's more than handy. It's what allows me to fight." A look down at himself and his dirty clothes. "Yeah, staying clean isn't one of the things it lets me do. I might be able to walk on water but I have to be aware there's water in the first place."

Molding chakra for this might come as second nature to him now but it doesn't prevent him from being surprised and waking up already in the muddy water.
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guardian of fun and prankster kid

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[If it's a show then where's his audience. As far as Naruto knows it's just him and the toad in the middle of an empty swamp. No other people around for miles and he's still yelling at the animal.

A voice breaks him away from his one-sided argument with the reptile. It only takes him a couple of seconds to locate Jack in the tree.]

I didn't bring any frogs with me. [Or toads, he mutters under his breath.] If it's not summoning than what do you call it?

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toeing the fourth wall line

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[He has no idea of the thoughts going to this guy's head. Even if they were spoken out loud, chances are slim that Naruto would actually be able to understand it all. Believing it would be near impossible.

Naruto knows what he is and it isn't some fictional creature.]

What does it want then?

[So many possibilities comes to mind, honestly. Even if he doesn't believe that his world is destroyed, there's always the chance that it might - especially now that he's no longer there to protect it. To interrupt his upcoming fight with Sasuke it would have to be on the major catastrophe scale.]