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open. we all wanna be somebody

Who: [personal profile] findpeace & everyone
When: 5/26 - 5/27 (2/22 - 2/24)
Where: Anywhere & everywhere
What: When did Cerealia get a set of twins? Or maybe it's triplets... octuplets? Wait, how many are there?
Rating/Warning: Language, "crossdressing"

Shopping District

[One may notice a blond teenager working diligently in one store, lifting heavy boxes or unpacking supplies to put on shelves. Then another store down they'll see the same teenage kid doing a different job, though wearing an orange t-shirt and black pants. Just a coincidence, right? Twins aren't uncommon in most worlds.

But it's not just two. It's three, then five and then ten. Some working in retail and others doing odd jobs for a restaurant. There's no way there can be that many identical teen boys running around Cerealia doing a dozen jobs that most people probably wouldn't want to do or that one kid could possibly get from one store to another so fast. Not even if he had the ability to teleport from one job to the next.

No matter what he's doing, there's a grin on his face whenever he makes eye contact with a potential customer. Even if he's hauling garbage or something even more disgusting. Should someone stop, they'll find themselves approached by the ball of energy.]

Are you looking for something?

[Well, at least he's friendly and helpful.

Or maybe he's wandering around the store eyeballing customers suspiciously because he's been hired as security because it's the only job he qualified for. Better not be trying for a five-fingered discount because this kid is watching everyone like a hawk.]

Ceres Research Tower

[In the evening, one will find Naruto standing outside the tower - looking up at it with his hand tucked into his pockets casually. He may or may not be debating what would happen if he were to attempt to run up the outside of the building to get to the top. That's probably where the people responsible for bringing them here are working. Either that or somewhere deep underground. If that doesn't work there are other ways to get in. Ninja ways that he would be willing to try.

Not without discussing it with his allies, though, so for now he's only looking.

He watches the people who go in and out with obvious interest but doesn't attempt to approach any of them. Naruto knows that there may be more than one way inside, though he certainly wouldn't walk in and volunteer to be a test subject. That was something he saw enough of whenever he came across some of Orochimaru's handiwork and he hadn't even seen all that much of it compared to other people.

Still, he looks out of place just standing there. Might entice someone to approach him.]

Residential Area

[At the end of a day, Naruto returns to his simple apartment. It's bigger than the one he had at home what with the bed being in an actual bedroom but he certainly hasn't spent a lot on it. He certainly hasn't used the Holo(gm) program to make it look nice. All it contains is the basic furniture that came with the place. What he's put into it is minimal - clothes, towels, bedsheets and basic necessities. A few pots and pans but not really a whole lot of dishes.

Still, it's a place to crash at night when he expends so much energy during the day with his many clones and many jobs. Most of the time he comes home to throw something on the stove (sometimes ramen and other times not), shower and then flop face-first into his pillow where he proceeds to sleep for the next eight hours at least.

Today is not one of those days. Instead he heads to the garden and flops on one of the benches, a twin popsicle in one hand. Though he doesn't seem all that interested in actually eating it - at least not at the moment. Naruto just leans back and turns his eyes up. For someone so active during the day, he sure does seem still and peaceful now.

There's space on the bench next to him for someone to sit next to him or to disturb him in a more lively manner.]

Pleasure District - Porta Caelestis

Option A ) [Naruto's day of work might end when the shops close in the evening but "Naruko's" day of work starts shortly after. His unique jutsu helps him out a lot when wanting to seek out more information about this place. Nothing loosens tongues like alcohol and scantily clad women or men for that matter. He's chosen the safest of the locations in the Pleasure District - one that won't end up with the customer's flat on their back because Naruto's decided to punch their lights out for touching him too much.

If "Naruko" pours a little more alcohol into customer's cups and leans into them just a bit, they start talking about all kinds of things. It doesn't hurt if they get a small peek at "her" well-endowed chest from where "her" top has slipped open ever so slightly.

Though sometimes those customers are others just like him so they don't have a whole lot of information that he wants.]

Option B ) [Or maybe someone catches him leaving the Pleasure District the following morning. He looks tired, yawning and covering his mouth as he goes. But Naruto is definitely wearing the clothes he had on the day before. He's not paying too much attention to his surroundings as he walks through the district which means he absolutely will not see anyone he might recognize or even someone he might be heading straight for.]
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Residential area!!

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[Hinata was heading home herself, after finally finding some yarn she needed. The idea had come to her to knit a scarf for him, even if here it would probably not be used too much unless it became colder. All the same, she knew it was something she wanted to do. Which is why, when she rushed home she almost didn't see Naruto. Upon realizing he was sitting alone on the bench, she stops a short distance away, hiding behind a light pole.

There wasn't a way to really hide what she's walking home with, but it wasn't as if she wanted to hide it from him in the first place. It would just ruin the surprise if she told him right in that moment. Instead of approaching him at all, Hinata waffles a bit on what to say to him in greeting. Perhaps he wanted to be alone? Or - and this made her actually flush with embarrassment - was waiting for someone else to come meet him. She didn't want to disturb him.

She would have stood there and waited for him to leave, were it not for the fact that she wanted so badly to be someone who could stand next to him and smile. She knew she needed more confidence. Carefully, one step at a time, she steps away from the pole she tried to hide behind and moves towards him.

O-oh... hello, Naruto-kun.

[Clutching her yarn close, she gives a courteous bow. She was always so formal. She wanted to be relaxed with him the way Sakura was - minus hitting him over the head.]
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Porta Caelestis ohoho

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[Ironically, seeking information is exactly why Cao Pi is skulking around the host clubs tonight. He's not quite interested in the women, but he'd be a liar if he claimed he wasn't looking. He does know that establishments like this are exactly where one would want to go to get the lowdown on all the hidden undercurrents of the colony, so there he is, a charming smile on his lips as he tastes various wines, wearing a more modern dress shirt as indigo as his usual surcoat. If not for the super-long ponytail he might even look like he belonged there.

Excuse him, Naruko, he would much rather speak with a human girl than anything remotely alien.

Which of the wines would you recommend?
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#4, option B for maximum fun times

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[ It's not a place he would normally set foot in -in fact, if not for work, he wouldn't be venturing into the Pleasure District at all because it doesn't appeal to him- and if not for the fact that this is work-related, he wouldn't be here. But sadly it's all about work, and so there he is, dressed as casually as humanly possible in hopes that nobody who knows him would pay him any mind, hands shoved in pockets, head down, eyes fixed on the street ahead just enough to put one foot in front of the other and not walk into anybody. Why he has to actually meet up with a third party in order for his employer to authorize payment (probably so he doesn't cut and run , or as a means of keeping tabs on him) is beyond him. It's ridiculous that he has to do this, but it's even more ridiculous that he has to be here. For the most part, though, it's been working out just fine for him in that nobody's really given him a passing glance...

Except that in order to avoid the robot that has just more or less stepped out in front of him, he has to veer to one side. And thus directly into a head-on collision with oncoming traffic. ]


[ Oncoming traffic that, after making the mistake of actually looking at them, he recognizes all too well, the partial apology dying on his lips. Oh, this is just lovely.

Hello there, Naruto... ]
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[She caught a glimpse of him on her way home from school.]

[Ever since she first got to see the gardens for herself, they'd become her favorite detour. A rustling above indicated that Tailmon, too, was making use of the current terrain. Close enough that she could keep a watch on her partner--something even more pressing after their recent temporary separation--but also far enough back that Hikari could have some time to herself. The air in the gardens was fresh. Heavy with the scent of all the different flowers. Kind of like the ones in Hinata's shop...]

[Only that wasn't Hinata she saw sitting on the bench. It was Naurto. Holding...a popsicle, it looked like. Only he hadn't taken a bite for quite some time, judging by the juice starting to drip down its side.]

...your treat is melting.
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CERES Research Tower

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[Rock Lee has been trying to take it easy in light of his recent injuries that he's recovering from. That's why he's only jogging at a portion of his normal speed... He's also sporting more bandages than his normal training bandages.

But he comes to a stop when he spots Naruto.]

Ah... Naruto-kun! [He glances at him and at the research tower.] Are you well?
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shopping district;

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You know Uzumaki-kun... [ She's trying to be formal but really, there's no way to put this politely. ]

If you stare at my body for too long, I might get the wrong idea?

[ She grins, knowing well enough that she doesn't make it any easier on people with the random holes cut into various spots. Really, one above her ass?? ]